Ae Special Cricket Turf Pitch Construction

Over the years we have emerged as the number one choice for clubs, schools or institutions around the country for either laying a brand new pitch or relaying the existing pitch. We are also the most sought after when it comes to preparing as well as maintaining the cricket ground as well as the cricket pitch through out the country. 

Ae Special Cricket Turf Pitch Construction

Product Code : CP-T

Specification :

Processes and special materiel used to make the Cricket Pitch

as per international standards.  

A.  Digging will be done up to 7” to 10” deep.

B.  Leveling, Dressing , Earth cutting will be done for Cricket Match Pitches & Practice Pitches.

C.  Materiel Use in Layers :

     •   Anti-Termit Pest Control

     •   Brick Blast

     •   Special Sheet (inside fiber thread)

     •   Special Rubber

     •   Specially Design Blocks For Extra Bounce

     •   Using the Blocks specific cricket pitch areas

     •   Ist Layer of Black Clay

     •   IInd Layer of Black Clay

     •   Special Refined Top Layer of Black Clay

     •   Anti-Termit Pest Control

     •   Special Cricket Turf Grass